Steve – Bass

Oxford born and bred, Steve was at school when punk swept through the country like a plague of locusts, but he was inspired by the Essex geezer with the rhyming couplets and expletives that peppered the Kilburn and the Highroads album ‘Handsome’, the one and only Mr Ian Dury. Then at the end of the 70s the 2-Tone explosion and the amazing Specials and Madness made him want to take up an instrument. The bass spoke to him; Norman Watt Roy, Sir Horace Gentleman and Bedders were his heroes. He played in a couple of indie bands back in the 90s and, in the early part of this decade, thought it might be nice to recreate the sounds of the music he liked. He managed to get some people who thought it might be fun and after only a few rehearsals was up and running. Steve collects ‘Jaws’ movie memorabilia and enjoys watching classic 80s horror films.