Mike – Drums

The first song that made Mike think, ‘I want to be a drummer!’ was 'Gangsters' by The Specials. He bought every record they made, together with those of Madness, Bad Manners, The Beat and The Selecter. While he most wanted to emulate Brad, The Specials' drummer, he started paying more attention to the great rock drummers - Neil Peart from Rush being the main inspiration. He made his debut on 9th March 1983 after about 15 months’ learning to play, and did a fair copy of the drum solo from Rush’s 'YYZ', but mainly concentrated on simpler school band, punk-style music. Since then, Mike has played in a multitude of covers bands and a ska originals outfit called The Skarabs, who supported Bad Manners in Aylesbury in 1995! He then played in a Hawkwind tribute band for two years before finally settling back where his heart belongs with the best of British ska and Hope and Glory. In his day job, Mike is a psychiatric nurse and currently works in Sutton Coldfield as a community Mental Health Practitioner. He is married to Sarah, a Senior Practice Nurse and has two young children. He loves skiing and, when he is Prime Minister, will pass a law allowing him and his family free skiing forever. He will also ban salad cream.